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Best Hybrid Bikes Under £500: 6 of the Best Recreation Hybrids

So, you’ve planned your commute and you’ve decided you’ve decided on a hybrid bike. You’ve got a £500 budget and you’re keen to get on two wheels. To help you pick we have reviewed the Best Hybrid Bikes Under £500 for recreation riding. Performance Recreation Hybrid Bikes Under £500 Results Comfort Recreation Hybrid Bikes Under £500 Results […]

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Cycling Shoes and Pedals for Commuting

Like your saddle and handlebars, your cycling shoes and pedals are important contact points between you and your bike. So its good idea to make sure you have the right set up for comfortable efficient riding. Cycling Shoes and Pedals – The History Cycling shoes and pedals generally fit into two main categories. One category is where […]

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The Best Bike Lock for Commuters on a Budget

When your commuting by bike, it can be a bit daunting to leave your pride and joy unattended for the whole day. To give you peace and mind, your going to need to invest in a sturdy, thief stopping bike lock. So what is the Best Bike Lock for those on a budget? We have put […]

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Cycling Shorts Review: 4 of the Best Budget Bibs

The variety of cycling shorts available is huge as is the price range. Thankfully there are there are budget cycling shorts available, our budget cycling shorts review has looked at 4 great options for the price conscious rider. The summary table below has our verdict. If you’re new to cycling and commuting by bike, it’s important to […]

Bike Your Drive

Of all the journeys to and form the workplace, 60% of commuters in the UK either drive or grab a lift in a car or a van. The average commute time for residents of the UK to travel either to or from work is just under an hour. So on average we spend roughly 500 hours every year simply travelling so that we can do our jobs, and for the vast majority of all that time is spent sat in a car.

Have you ever imagined the scenario of how blissful life would be without your daily commuter drag, but without some substantial scientific developments this is nigh on impossible and very few of us are lucky enough to work on our door step. But what if you could be more productive during your commute?

Well you can, by ditching the car and getting on a bike you can really make use of all that time spent travelling too and from the office. Cycling your commute has great benefits to both your health, your pocket and more importantly it makes your commuter drag a lot more enjoyable. So you really have nothing to loose, Bike Your Drive!